What is Consecration?

Consecration is the formal welcoming of a child to our Religious School.  Kids will be called to the bimah (front platform) and receive ceremonial objects.

What does a parent do during Consecration?

Parents watch their children get called to the bimah.  Parents are typically kvelling (beaming with joy).

What should I wear?

Our newest students will be called to the bimah so if you want a special photo op, please dress your child accordingly.  

Can I take photos?

Yes, during this special service photographs are allowed.

Can I invite friends/guests/relatives?

Absolutely.  All services are open to anyone and everyone to attend and enjoy.  But this one is extra special.

What happens if my child is not comfortable going on the bimah?

We will not force your child.  We will only encourage.

What is up with the egg shakers?

The egg shakers are all about fun.  They make noise.  Kids love them.  Adults love them.  There is no right or wrong way to shake them.  With a small(er) crowd we have enough for two per child.  With a big(ger) crowd, everyone (adults and kids) get one. All we ask is that they get returned to the egg shaker box at the end of the service. If we forget to take them out and your child really, really wants to shake them--ask Rabbi Forman or Cantor Kathy.