Adult Study at Or Chadash

Or Chadash is pleased to offer the following classes for adults:

Beginning Hebrew Reading
Sundays, 9:00 – 10:00 am.

Designed for adults who do not know how to read Hebrew, this class will teach the aleph-bet, using Shalom Uvrachah Express, the same textbook used by Or Chadash third graders as they learn to read. Instructor: Betsy Zalaznick.

Prayer Prep
Sundays, 11:00 – 12:00 noon

shabbatBlessingHebrewDesigned for adults who know the sight/sound relationship of the Hebrew letters and vowels, this class will review the Shabbat evening and morning prayers. (This class is the continuation of our Beginning Hebrew Reading class, featured above.). Instructor: Betsy Zalaznick.

Introduction to Judaism

Introduction to Judaism is a hands on course that teaches beginners about the basics of Jewish thought and practice. The class presents a mix of study, discussion, and practical experiences designed for all interested in exploring a Jewish life for themselves-interfaith couples, non-Jews considering conversion, and Jews looking for adult-level basics. Topics include Jewish holidays and life cycle events, theology and prayer, Israel, and history.

  • Tuesday evenings, beginning January 4th, 2011
    Temple Beth Or  Township of Washington  7:30-9:30 pm

  • Thursday evenings, beginning January 6th, 2011
    Temple B'nai Or  Morristown  7:00-9:00 pm

Please contact Betsy Zalaznick at to sign up for a class or if you have any questions.

Jewish LIFE


Or Chadash members also have access to Adult Education programs in other area synagogues affiliated with Jewish LIFE. The 2012-2013 catalog includes information about the various programs. A wide variety of courses, events and films are planned each year.

More information regarding JCC events can be found at or emailing Laura Friedman, JCC Assistant Exec. Director,  or phoning 908-725-6994 x213. Pre-purchased tickets will be held at the door for these events. Seating is on a first-come, first-service basis. Reserved seating for sponsors and benefactors is available.

For further information on other events, check the Jewish Federation website at

Lifelong Jewish Learning

10 Minutes of Torah sends you a daily e-mail page of study on the topics of Reform Voices of Torah, Hebrew Connections, Building a Reform Jewish Community, and Jewish world. Sign up for any or all five weekdays by providing your e-mail address.

URJ stackedLogo100px

Reform Voices of Torah is a weekly liberal commentary on the Torah portion of the week (distributed on Mondays as part of 10 Minutes of Torah), Reform Voices of Torah is written by four scholars and features additional commentaries by rabbis, cantors and educators.

Eilu V'eilu- These and those-This point/counterpoint model involves a dialogue between two scholars on issues of concern to the Reform Movement and encourages your active participation.

Significant Jewish Books is a project of Reform Judaism Magazine and the Department of Lifelong Jewish Learning. Each issue of Reform Judaism magazine features two selected books, including reviews and additional background information.

Intensive Adult Study Opportunities-Throughout the year, the Union presents a variety of intensive study experiences with the finest scholars and experts in their field. These retreats and kallot are held in our camps, on college campuses and in Israel.

Reform Judaism Magazine Online- Read select articles from current and past issues, access discussion guides focusing on major topics, take interactive quizzes to test your Jewish knowledge, vote your view on the issues of the day, research by keyword articles published since 1990, and more.

Or Chadash Reads...

As Driven as a LeafAs a Driven Leaf
by Milton Steinberg.
The date for the program is TBD.  Book is available at your local library.

From "The magnificent work of modern fiction that brings the age of the Talmud to life. The characters include the well-known historical figures: Akiba, Yohanan, Joshua, Eleazar, Beruriah, and Elisha ben Abuyah, whose struggle to live in two worlds destroyed his chance to live in either. Foreword by Chaim Potok ."

Email Galia Barlow for additional information and to contribute book suggestions.

Previous books:

People of the BookAwayEveryman

Resources for Parents

Parents are their children's most powerful Jewish teachers. When you learn with your children, you are a model for lifelong Jewish learning. The resources here are designed to help you learn as adults and as a family.

Bedtime Rituals and Morning Rituals for Children
Prayers and rituals to turn bedtime and morning into Jewish time.

Family Shabbat Table Talk
Weekly insights into the Torah portion, designed to help you lead a family discussion at your Shabbat table.

Holiday Happenings
Articles, blessings, and activities related to the Jewish holidays and customs.

Jewish Parent Page
An online resource for teachers and parents of children under six years of age.

A Taste of Judaism

Local Rabbis Dish Up "A Taste of Judaism"

This March, at their respective synagogues, Rabbis Ronald Isaacs (Temple Sholom), Joseph Forman (Or Chadash), and Arnold Gluck (Temple Beth-El) led an innovative, free, three-session introductory education pro-gram known as “A Taste of Judaism.”

Developed with the leadership of Rabbi Gluck by the Union for Reform Judaism and organized by Jewish LIFE (our community Jewish adult education consortium supported by our synagogues, Jewish Family Service, the JCC, and the Jewish Federation), this year’s “Taste of Judaism” drew a large and enthusiastic crowd of participants from a wide variety of backgrounds, such as Jews interested in connecting with their roots or who have had little to no Jewish education, non-Jews interested in learning about Judaism, and intermarried couples and families.

“While Adult Education offerings can provide meaningful insight into Jewish ideals and practices,” said Rabbi Forman, who has taught “A Taste of Judaism” at Or Chadash in years past, “they are frequently targeted at an audience which already possesses a measure of learning. ‘Taste’ invites all – Jews and non-Jews alike – to discover a bit about Judaism through informal study of Jewish texts and ideas.”

Broken down into three topics of exploration, “A Taste of Judaism” introduces and walks the participants through major elements of Jewish spirituality, ethics, and community values in the hopes of promoting Jewish understanding and dialogue, and perhaps inspiring further curiosity. The sessions were warm and welcoming, as well as informal, with the opportunity for questions and answers.

“My Taste of Judaism [...] was a Monday evening delight and a smashing success,” said Rabbi Isaacs of Temple Sholom. “Feedback from those in the class was most positive. Thirty-five students, from both area synagogues and Churches joined in dialogue on the topics of Spirituality, Community, and Jewish Ethics. The give-and-take camaraderie afforded students an opportunity to explore Jewish texts and delve deeper into the meaning of their own faith, beliefs, and value system. It also provided students a chance to discuss the ways Judaism addressed their own personal and professional lives.”

Rabbi Gluck concurred. “Once again, ‘A Taste of Judaism’ succeeded in giving those who are curious an opportunity to experience what Judaism has to offer. And it is especially wonderful that we have done this together as a united Jewish community. The message is one of openness and welcome to all who may be seeking a spiritual home, be they Jewish or not. At Temple Beth-El we had over 40 participants who engaged in animated conversation and exploration of core Jewish ideas and beliefs. The reaction was tremendous. May this be just one of many Outreach programs we join together to offer!”

Congratulations, Rabbis, on another successful year of “A Taste of Judaism”! Those interested in learning more about Jewish education programming can reach out to our area Rabbis, the Jewish Federation, or our Jewish LIFE program.