Welcome to Seventh Grade Hebrew at Or Chadash Religious School!

7th Grade Hebrew

kgohrTeacher - Kathy Gohr

Students in Seventh Grade will be introduced to modern Hebrew through basic vocabulary and sentence structure folders. Students will be provided an opportunity to read, write, and speak the words and phrases they are learning. Students will be introduced to topics including greeting and responses, the family, food, school, clothing, time, and the park. In addition to modern Hebrew, Seventh Grade students will learn how to write Hebrew letters in script.

In the Seventh Grade Hebrew class students will also learn additional prayers such as the Hashkiveinu, and increase their comfort with the Shabbat evening and morning prayers.

7th Grade Jewish Studies

Rabbi FormanTeacher - Rabbi Joe Forman

One of the essential challenges young teens confront as they learn about Judaism is discerning how their Jewish identity fits into the other identities they are forming. In the 7th Grade classroom we explore a variety of avenues to help enrich the experience of learning Jewish history - in the land of Israel, in the Diaspora and here in America; our sacred texts - Torah, Talmud, Midrash and modern writings; the breadth of Jewish art, music, poetry and dance; the variety of Jewish ideas of God; the meaning of holidays - both historically and in our contemporary lives; and the variety of Jewish ideas of God. The goal is to lead students to a deeper, enduring understanding of Judaism, establishing for them a basis for lifelong Jewish learning and living. Our lessons prepare each student for the 8th/9th/10th grade curriculum in which they respond to the concept that Judaism speaks with many voices. Our 7th graders are given the tools with which to begin to articulate and express their own Jewish voices.

Each week, Tzedakah money will be collected in class. The students will understand that Tzeddakah means doing acts of justice and righteousness, and at various times during the year they will help decide how and where the class Tzeddakah funds will be used.

Books and Materials

Tanakh: The Jewish Bible
Selections from various sources
Mishkan T'filah: A Reform Siddur for Shabbat

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Documents, Downloads and Resources

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