What is scrip?

“Scrip” is a synonym for “gift card.”  It’s just like what you find at retailers and at various supermarkets (the stand with all those plastic gift card options on it).

How is buying scrip beneficial to Or Chadash?

When you buy scrip, you get the full amount of what you bought.  For example, you pay $100 for a $100 gift card.  Or Chadash benefits by receiving a percentage of what you spent from the Great Lakes Scrip Center.

What percentage does Or Chadash get?

The percentage that Or Chadash receives depends on the retailer; they are all different.  For example, ShopRite gives 4%, while L.L. Bean gives 16%.

When can I sign up?

You can sign up anytime.  It is open enrollment, with no deadline by which to sign up.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy.

1) Go to www.shopwithscrip.com

2) Click on the green “Register” box to create an account.  (Remember your username and password.)  Choose “Join a Scrip Program.”

3) Designate Or Chadash as beneficiary by giving a specific Enrollment Code. Get the code from Christine Berg. You only have to do this once.

How do I place an order?

Login at shopwithscrip.com. Click on the “Shop” tab up top to find lists of participating retailers. Click on the retailer. Click on the scrip product by amount. Enter quantity. Add to cart, and click checkout.

How do I pay for scrip?

The easiest way to pay for scrip is to link your checking account.  This way, you can make a purchase and have the amount debited from your account the same as if you were writing a check.  To link your account, you sign up for Presto Pay.

What is Presto Pay?

Presto Pay is a convenient way to pay for scrip online.  Great Lakes Scrip Center will debit your account on the day you make your order for the face value of the order, plus a 15cent transaction fee.  If you enroll in Presto Pay, you can also purchase “ScripNow.”

How do I sign up for Presto Pay?

You can enroll at www.shopwithscrip.com.  You provide your checking account information.  You watch for two small deposits.  You go to the scrip website to enter those two amounts, and then you receive a code signaling your approval.  You email Christine Berg the code, and she enters the code as the final step to activate your account.

Can I pay by credit card or Paypal?

No.  At this time, Great Lakes Scrip Center does not accept payment by credit card or Paypal.

What if I don’t want to pay electronically?

You can still join in this fundraising program.  You can pay by check.  You would place an order online, and select to pay your organization by check.  Make a check payable to Or Chadash; submit it to the office before the scrip order deadline.

When can I order Scrip?

You can place an order at shopwithscrip.com any time you like.

What does the deadline mean?

When you see an email indicating a deadline by which to order, that is the date that members’ orders will be placed with Great Lakes Scrip Center.  If you miss a deadline, there will be another one.

When do I get my scrip cards?

You will receive your scrip cards approximately 3-5 days after the deadline date.  You will receive an email that the order is in with times that you can pick it up from the office.

Does scrip expire?

Scrip never expires.  You can carry a balance on a scrip card, just like a gift card.

What is ScripNow?

ScripNow is instant scrip that you can order and print within minutes.  Not every retailer offers ScripNow, but there is a long list of participating retailers on the scrip website.  You place your order.  You must pay with Presto Pay.  Within minutes, you receive an email that your printable certificate is available, and you also see your ScripNow purchase listed on your account.

What is reload?

You can buy reloadable scrip cards.  You can find the list of reload retailers, and choose this option when you order.  You must buy a scrip card from this scrip program; then you can register it and name it to be able to reload funds onto it.  The funds are reloaded overnight when you pay with Presto Pay.  The funds are reloaded after the order deadline when you pay by check.

What does Or Chadash stand to earn?

If members can purchase scrip regularly, Or Chadash stands to earn thousands of dollars every year.  Consider: $400 of ShopRite scrip earns Or Chadash $16.  If 50 families purchase $400 of ShopRite scrip each month for a year, Or Chadash will make:  $9,600.  We don’t spend any more than we might otherwise, while Or Chadash earns significant sums from our fundraising efforts.

Who do I contact with questions?

You mean you still have questions? J Contact Christine Berg at cberg3@comcast.net.