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Board of Trustees

BOT2018 2019

2019-2020 Board Meeting Schedule

Thursday, July 18  – 7pm

Sunday, September 8   –   10 am – 2pm (Retreat at Or Chadash)

Sunday, October 20   –   12:15pm

Tuesday, December 10  –   7pm

Thursday, January 16  –  7pm

Thursday, February 20   –   7pm

Sunday, April 9   –   7pm

Thursday, May 14   –   7pm

**Thursday, June 4   –   7pm (Annual Congregation Meeting)


Message from President Debbie Weiss

Or Chadash is a wondrous place. A temple filled with warmth, song, laughter and a sense of connectivity. In reality no words can truly describe our community. Or Chadash is a multi-sensory experience. To give you a taste of what life at Or Chadash is like you need to come see, hear, taste, smell and touch us. You need to watch as a near-13 year old stands on the bimah reciting words from the torah that his ancestors recited hundreds of years ago while his toddler-aged sister shrieks through the halls in comfort and delight, and you need to see our Director of Religious education Betsy in action as she engages the hearts, spirits and minds of our community. You need to hear Cantor Kathy as she sings a Passover song set to the tune of a 50’s pop hit, or listen to the eerily beautiful strains of the cello as the lights are dim on Kol Nidre. You need to taste baked goods at almost any event or taste the matzoh and pita bread Rabbi Joe is making with the Islamic center down the road. You need to smell the scent of challah fresh from the oven as our second grade Sunday school students complete their baking project. You need to get your hands dirty planting a tree with us on Tu b’Shevat or touch a prosthetic hand which is being built on Mitzvah Day to help a child who has lost their hand. To truly understand what Or Chadash is about you need to personally experience the magic of our community.

I would like to invite you to come and visit Or Chadash. Experience for yourself the confluence of joy, learning, spirituality and community that makes us what we are. Come talk to Rabbi Joe, reach out to one of our members and ask them what makes Or Chadash magical for them, visit our religious school or attend a service. You don’t need an appointment, we welcome you with open arms.

If there is anything I can do to help you better experience Or Chadash for yourself please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, president@orchadash-nj.org. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Executive Board

President  Debbie Weiss

Vice President Glenn Wasserman

Treasurer Jeff Berg

Secretary  Laura Senator

Immediate Past President Kim Turner


Larry Abrams, Dan Freedman, Harvey Gold, Craig Kantor, Steven Margolis,

David Schipper, Victor Sloan, Louis Speizer, Renee Trambert, Betsy Zalaznick


Adult Programming Betsy Zalaznick*
Chesed Leslie Hann
Facilities Jeff Berg* and Craig Kantor*
Finance Bruce Zalaznick
Membership David Moutner
Music Kristina Witzling
Religious Education Betsy Zalaznick*
Religious Practices Kim Turner*
Security Victor Sloan* and Craig Kantor*
Sisterhood Deb Weiss* and Lisa Tauscher
Social Action Larry Abrams*
Technology Dan Freedman* and Glenn Wasserman*
Web Administrator Rabbi Joe Forman


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