Not Your Father’s Men’s Club…

Many of us remember when our fathers used to head off to their synagogue men’s club meeting each month with a deck of pinochle cards and a big, fat stogie in their shirt pocket. Although some of us still might enjoy a good card game and a cigar now and again, today many of us yearn for something more. Or Chadash is in the modest beginnings of a modern “men’s club” or Temple Brotherhood organization. Currently our Brotherhood is a very loose organization of guys who just want to have some fun together with the common tie of Or Chadash, Judaism and a love of . . . Manischewitz.

To date we have done things such as a BYOB dinner in Flemington, poker nights, golf outings, watching a Rutger’s football game at a bar, making latkes for Hanukkah and putting up and taking down the Sukkah.

How about a monthly bowling night, a Hunterdon County hiking or bicycle excursion, a night at the ball park, presentations by a college savings advisor or a physician discussing men’s health issues, even a football pool? Although most of the time we do “guy” things with other guys from the Temple, occasionally we invite our spouse, significant other or our children to join us.

Does this sound like something you’d like to get involved in? I am the chair of the Brotherhood and would love to get a bunch of people involved. We have a great time when we get together and have lots of fun. If this has piqued your interest or if you have ideas for our next get-together, please send an e-mail to Craig Kantor.

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