Or Chadash Scrip Program

Or Chadash is excited to be participating with . . . 


Fundraising While You Shop


Let’s come together as a community to earn easy money for Or Chadash! 


We purchase gift cards at face value, and retailers donate a percentage of our purchases to Or Chadash.  You always get what you pay for ($100 of ShopRite Scrip = $100 to spend at ShopRite), and Or Chadash gets bonus money because you used Scrip.  The best news is that this is a fundraising effort that requires no extra spending on your part!  There are hundreds of retailers from which to choose!


Find a way to make a regular scrip purchase of at least one retailer, and look what happens if we all come together to do this:


$100 ShopRite scrip = $4 for Or Chadash

$400 ShopRite scrip = $16 for Or Chadash

$400 ShopRite scrip x 12 months = $192 for Or Chadash

100 families x $192 scrip earnings = $19,200 for Or Chadash in one year!


That’s for us.  We are Or Chadash.


  1. Go to www.shopwithscrip.com
  2. Click on the green “Family Sign Up” box to create an(Remember your username and password.)
  3. Designate Or Chadash as beneficiary by giving a specific Enrollment Code. Get the code from Christine Berg: You only have to do this once.
  4. Look on the left side of your HomeClick the “Presto Pay” tab to link your bank account. You only have to do this once. You pay 15 cents per transaction.  


Browse the hundreds of retailers to get ordering!  Plastic scrip cards arrive about one week after the order deadline.  ScripNow! orders are instantly printable! 


ANY QUESTIONS? See our SCRIP FAQs or Contact CHRISTINE BERG at:  cberg3@comcast.net

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