Welcome to Fourth Grade Hebrew at Or Chadash!

4th Grade Hebrew

Our Hebrew curriculum includes four main components which work together to provide a complete program for our students as they move from our younger grades to our older grades.  We want to teach our students basic Hebrew language, reading and prayer skills while also providing them with a living experience and meaningful connection to the Hebrew language

Hebrew Through Movement is a program through which students learn Hebrew by sharing and responding to Hebrew commands. Hebrew through Movement introduces language in a playful and meaningful way, creating a positive link between children and the Hebrew language. The Hebrew through Movement curriculum starts by laying a foundation of modern, spoken Hebrew and it builds toward the goal of making our prayers, Jewish vocabulary and Hebrew decoding more accessible to students. The Hebrew through Movement program is supported by the latest brain research on learning, providing an aural foundation for Hebrew that opens the door to Hebrew reading and decoding.  Student in Grades K – 5 will take part in weekly Hebrew through Movement activities.  
Jewish Life Vocabulary is the component of our program that provides our students with the key Hebrew words and phrases (such as shalom, mazel tov, tikkun olam and more.). By learning, using and exploring Hebrew terms, our students will experience the world through Jewish values as they develop a greater connection to and understanding of the Hebrew language.  Weekly vocabulary words will be integrated into classroom teaching for students in very grade level.
Hebrew Reading and Language Program starts by building a foundation in recognizing letters and reading simple Hebrew.  With each year of learning students will be able to acquire further language and prayer skills while also building confidence in their ability, proficients and knowledge. 
Tefillah (Prayer Service) is an opportunity for building community, making meaning and learning prayers.  Tefillah is one of the ways in which Jews celebrate Shabbat and holidays, connect with the larger Jewish world and take part in synagogue life.  We believe the best way to learn Tefillah is to participate in Tefillah.  

Hebrew Homework:

Please check with your teacher.

4th Grade Jewish Studies

The fourth grade curriculum is divided into two distinct and very exciting topics. We begin the year with the Jewish life cycle from birth to death, with all of the beautiful customs and traditions. Whether it begins at a cousin’s wedding, a sister’s Bat Mitzvah, or a grandparent’s funeral, children have questions about life-cycle events and students will learn about brit milah and brit bat, baby naming, consecration, bar and bat mitzvah, confirmation, the marriage ceremony, the funeral and rituals of mourning.

4th grade photoDuing the second half of the year, we study the importance of the land of Israel to Jewish people everywhere – discovering the people, places, and customs of the Jewish state. Using the text, Welcome to Israel, children meet Israeli kids thier own age, who show thme Israel from Tiberias to Eilat and teach them about Israel’s history, geography, politics and culture. Children also see the day-today lives of their new Israeli friends, who write emails in Hebrew and go hiking in the footsteps of their biblical ancestors.