Or Chadash Fund Descriptions

Building & Grounds Fund

The Building and Grounds Fund can be used for building repairs and capital improvements, beautification or maintenance projects to the facilities. Facilities includes both the building(s)’ interior and exterior as well as the surrounding grounds. The Fund can also be used to make accelerated and/or regularly scheduled principal and/or interest payments on any real estate and/or building owned or to be owned by Or Chadash.

Chesed (Caring) Committee

The Chesed Committee accepts donations to assist us with providing for our membership during times of need, such as shiva meals, or meals for the infirm.

Educational Enrichment Fund

The Educational Enrichment Fund can be used to provide any educational services to the congregation (regardless of age). Services can include, but are not limited to, paid programming, software/soft copy licensing, class trips, on-site and off-site activities and fixed assets whose overarching goal is education.

Gillian Kulp Music Fund

The Gillian Kulp Music Fund can be used to purchase and/or rent musical equipment for the benefit of Or Chadash. The Fund can also be used for cantor/song leader remuneration and other related costs.

Jenny Weller Library Fund

The Jenny Weller Library Fund can be used to purchase and/or rent soft or hard copy books, audio and video equipment, subscriptions, licenses, memberships to information sources for purposes of providing information and entertainment to the congregation as well as the means to store, view and distribute these resources.

Nulman Torah Fund

The Nulman Torah Fund can be used to purchase and/or rent a Torah and all necessary accoutrements for the enjoyment of the Torah. Accoutrements can include the adornments of the Torah itself as well as the Ark and Bema.

Oneg Fund

The Oneg Fund can be used to purchase the various foods and beverages that are served after services each Friday night.

Prayer Book Fund

The Prayer Book Fund can be used to purchase and/or rent soft or hard copies of any book used during worship services. This can include, but is not limited to, adult prayer books, children’s prayer books, holiday/special occasion books.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund is to be spent for religious, educational and charitable purposes. The Discretionary fund is wholly owned by and is an asset of the Temple; and owned in no way by any other institution or group or person and disbursements of the fund are provided as a privilege to the Rabbi at his discretion.

Youth Fund

The Youth Fund can be used to fund any events for the betterment of Or Chadash’s youth members. This can include, but is not limited to, onsite or offsite events, memberships, admission, remunerations, food/beverages, and programming.

Trustees Directed Fund

The Trustees Directed Fund is used at the discretion of the Trustees.

Yahrzeit Donation Fund

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