Welcome to Fifth Grade Hebrew at Or Chadash Religious School!

5th Grade Hebrew

Teacher – Rabbi Joe Forman

Students continue the study of the prayer service by studying the Shabbat morning Amidah and selected prayers for Shabbat evening. Students learn key prayer words and roots to help them better explore the meaning of the blessings of the prayers and songs for the Shabbat evening services. Students examine the themes of each prayer and relate each of them to their own experiences and lives.

Students in Fifth grade will explore relevant Jewish values and show how those values underlie the meaning of the prayers. Students will be encouraged to think critically about the prayers and the activity of praying. We continue to explore the meanings of roots — the basis of understanding the meanings of our prayers.

5th Grade Jewish Studies

Teacher – Dara Nathanson


Welcome to 5th Grade Religious Studies!  This year students will experience Jewish learning through science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  Students will use experimentation to examine connections of the Jewish holidays, Hebrew language, Jewish values and identity using a STEM lens.  Examples of the type of activities we will explore this year include:  staying the lunar cycle (Science), looking at the official rules for building a Sukkah and innovative ways to interpret those rules (Engineering), looking at the rules for “keeping” Shabbat and the (Technology) that is often utilized to operating elevators and lights, and exploring Gametria, the very (Math) centric area of Judaics.