Or Chadash Hebrew Education Policy

Important Information

Or Chadash Hebrew Education Policy
Approved January 2001

The Hebrew language is a vital component of Jewish history and identity. Fostering knowledge and appreciation of Hebrew is one of the goals of the Religious School program of Or Chadash. Accordingly, Hebrew is introduced to the students and included in their curriculum in stages that are effective and appropriate as determined by the Religious School Committee and Faculty in coordination with the Rabbi.

For families that enter their children into our Religious School program after the introduction of Hebrew study, each family will consult with the Religious School Chair and Rabbi to determine the child’s level of proficiency and to discuss whether additional instruction is needed. The Religious School Chair and Rabbi will offer reasonable guidance and assistance in arranging tutoring.

However, it is the family’s obligation to provide any needed additional tutoring for the child to reach the current capability/level of the class. Responsibility for class placement ultimately rests with the Religious School Committee and its Chairperson.

In this way, the family is engaged as a partner in securing the child’s Jewish education, as is expected in Jewish tradition. Family and synagogue work most effectively as a team to provide the best possible education for our students.

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