What is the Or Chadash “LEGACY CIRCLE” program?
The “Legacy Circle” program has been established to provide permanent income for our congregation’s current and future needs for generations to come. It will provide stability in times of financial uncertainty and help us launch and sustain new programming.

What is a Legacy Gift & how does it work?
A legacy gift is placed into our newly established Endowment Fund, creating a permanent income stream. Legacy gifts can be made during your lifetime by an outright contribution or in the future through a provision in your will or other financial products.

What are some common options I have for creating a Legacy Gift?
Making a bequest through a provision in your will naming Or Chadash.
Naming Or Chadash as one of your life insurance beneficiaries
Listing Or Chadash as a beneficiary of your retirement plan assets
Setting up a charitable gift annuity or donor-advised fund.

Do Legacy Gifts have to be large?
No. Any gift is much appreciated.

Is it complicated to create a Legacy Gift?
A Legacy Gift begins by signing a simple non-binding letter of intent called a “Promise”. You communicate your promise to create a Legacy Gift by following the instructions on the My Promise form. Your legacy gift or bequest can be as simple as specifying any percentage of your estate you want to give or a dollar amount or some combination (i.e. X% not to exceed $X) of your estate.

What should I do if I have questions that aren’t addressed here?
Please reach out to a member of the Legacy Circle Committee. If they are not able to answer your question, they can connect you with someone who can help.

I see “Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Mercer (JCFGM)” on some of the Life and Legacy materials. Who are they?
The JCFGM supports many synagogues & Jewish organizations with endowments and resources that maximize the charitable objectives of their donors. Or Chadash partnered with the JCFGM to manage our Endowment Fund, provide training/support with the launch of our “Legacy Circle” program, obtain a $5,000 grant by achieving our year end program objectives, and provide expert advise to our congregation as needed. If you’d like to learn more about JCFGM and their work, please see their website www.foundationjewish.org for more information.

Can I leave a Legacy Gift to fund a specific program with special meaning to me?
It is possible to leave a Legacy Gift designated to fund a special program. These types of arrangements require careful planning. We recommend that those considering this option consult with members of the Legacy Circle Committee .

Why should I leave a Legacy Gift?
Or Chadash plays a vital role in the lives of our families, students, and the Hunterdon County Jewish community and in your life. A Legacy Gift ensures that Or Chadash can continue to fulfill that role for generations to come. Just as we each leave a legacy for our loved ones, we should also leave a legacy for organizations that bring joy and meaning to our lives.

How are Legacy Gift donors recognized?
In appreciation for your intention for leave a Legacy Gift, you will be honored by joining our Legacy Circle and entered into our Book of Life. You will be given a page to submit a short story and picture. The story can reflect some of your life history, values, motivation for your legacy gift, why you joined Or Chadash and dreams for the future. This will be a permanent historical record for your family, friends and future generations to view.