Over 25 years ago, a small group of Jewish families in Hunterdon County shared a dream. They dreamed of a home in which they and their loved ones could worship, educate their children, celebrate life’s happy occasions, and reach out together to help those in need. They did more than imagine. They invested their time, energy, imagination, and money to build a community, and eventually a synagogue. 
Today, we are living in the future they only imagined. Or Chadash’s first 25 years were their gift to us. The future is in our hands. We invite you to join in continuing their legacy by becoming founders of the gift we will leave to future generations. 
The synagogue is the central institution in Jewish community life. Or Chadash is where we worship, educate ourselves and our children and grandchildren, extend support to one another and the broader community and celebrate life cycle events. Or Chadash is the center of Reform Jewish life in Hunterdon County and a valuable contributor to central New Jersey’s Jewish community. 
A Legacy Gift to Or Chadash provides income for our congregation’s current and future needs. It provides stability in times of financial uncertainty and helps us launch and sustain new programming. Just as a family’s savings provide security for the family’s future needs, Or Chadash’s Legacy Giving Program creates a more secure future for our community. As funds grow, they will help Or Chadash flourish in the decades ahead. 
When thinking about the future, we all worry about the worldly needs of those we will leave behind. We must also concern ourselves with the world they will inherit. By including Or Chadash in your estate planning, you will help ensure that future generations inherit a home for Jewish life, education, and community. You will help them take their place in the chain of generations reaching back to our ancestors. Your gift guarantees the Jewish future, here in your community.