To be a part of this unique program is quite easy. The first thing to do is simply to fill out a Promissory Letter of intent. This letter is not a binding document but lets us know that you are committed to help secure Or Chadash’s legacy for years to come.

A Promissory Letter can be viewed & downloaded by clicking here.
An example of a completed Promissory Letter can be viewed by clicking here.

Once complete you can mail it or drop it off in person but please make sure it goes to the attention of the Or Chadash Treasurer.

After you fill out the Promissory Letter, you are expected to make the necessary arrangements so your “promise” can be executed in the future. As indicated on the Promise Form, you estimate how many months are required to make these arrangements. This can be revised as needed.

That is it! We thank you in advance for looking out for the financial well-being of Or Chadash so that future generations enjoy the community that has been established at our temple.