What is Mitzvah Day? When is it held?

Or Chadash’s Mitzvah Day is held on the third Sunday in May.

Mitzvah is a Hebrew word meaning both an act that fulfills a commandment and a charitable deed – and refers to the day on which our entire community gathers to perform acts of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world). This annual event is an opportunity for our community to gather together and do projects that benefit the greater Hunterdon County community, as well as our Or Chadash home.

There are projects and programs are designed for young children as well as adults, and the projects have been crafted to meet many levels and abilities.

Mitzvah Day is not a “drop-off” situation for young children, but parents can typically leave their children engaged in an activity so they can work on other tasks. Many parents find Mitzvah Day a real family bonding opportunity.

Mitzvah Day is often mentioned as a favorite memory for our Religious School kids in both their Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Confirmation comments.
Never underestimate the power of a doing a Mitzvah! Mitzvah Day starts at 8:45am and ends around noon on Sunday.

Is Mitzvah Day held rain or shine?

Yes! Rain or shine, but the sun always shines on Mitzvah Day!

What should I bring/wear to Mitzvah Day?

It is always a good idea to dress casually and to bring “work” gloves. We encourage you to bring gardening tools (WITH YOUR FAMILY NAME marked on them) because if there is any “down time” the grounds can always use some tending. Please also bring a smile anda positive attitude. It really makes a difference.

What are Mitzvah Day team captains?

Each project has a “team captain” — an adult or mature teen who will be supervising the activity. If you are interested in being a team captain please contact Betsy Zalaznick.

Do I have to pre-register for a project?

It is important that we know that you will be in attendance, and pre-registration
REALLY REALLY helps. Of course, we always have spaces for walk-in volunteers, and adjustments are made as needed, but pre-registering really helps make sure you and other volunteers have the best possible experience.

There is an option on the registration form: “please sign me up for where I am needed”, If you choose this option, we will place you in an “open” spot which is terrific because we can assign you to a task that needs to be staffed.

Where do I register for Mitzvah Day?

The registration form is on the front page of our website.

Can I volunteer with my friends? Can I bring non-members to help on Mitzvah Day?

Yes, we love engaging our community to assist on Mitzvah Day.
While we are not able to set aside volunteer spots for groups of friends, feel free to talk with your friends and plan to sign up for the same project. And of course, Mitzvah Day is also a great chance to connect with new people!

The project I wanted is full. Can you squeeze me in?

Because of limitations in space, supplies, or tasks, most projects have a cap on volunteers. If the project you were most interested in is full, please check out the list of projects to see what else might interest you.

When I register for a project, how will I find out where to be and when?

Please plan to arrive at Mitzvah Day at 8:45 AM. If you know this will be difficult and have committed to bringing supplies, please make sure they are dropped off at Or Chadash by the Thursday before Mitzvah Day. (We need your bread to make the PB&J sandwiches…)

We will have a short opening program before we get to work, and this early morning time is a nice opportunity to connect with our community. If your project is “off site” we will gather at Or Chadash, and you and your team captain will regroup after the opening program and receive driving directions before heading to your activity.

I’m out of town on Mitzvah Day, are there other ways I can help? Should I still complete the Mitzvah Day registration form?

YES. You can participate in so many ways. Please complete the registration form. The form was created to accommodate “out of towners” too! Consider donating some of the items on our list of needs– the Food Pantry list, and/or consider making a contribution to Or Chadash to assist in underwriting the cost of Mitzvah Day. Even if you are not able to attend Mitzvah Day, please take a moment and complete the registration form to make material or monetary donations. As part of our outreach to the community we incur costs (cooking ingredients, baking ingredients, mulch, potholder loops, craft materials, etc.) and your donations underwrite the costs of the materials as well as the administrative costs of Mitzvah Day.Please look at form for suggestions.

What if I still have questions or suggestions on how to improve Mitzvah Day?

Our goal is to make a significant and meaningful impact on the lives of our community.
If you have an organization that might benefit from Or Chadash’s involvement on future
Mitzvah Days, please let us know.

We strive to make Mitzvah Day more meaningful each year.